Driving positive change in healthcare across Africa

Jaza Rift Advisory is a healthcare-focused strategy advisory, financial & business advisory and health innovation firm with experience in both Francophone and Anglophone Africa.

Due Diligence and Investment Analysis

Our team of experts conducts comprehensive due diligence to assess potential investments. This involves risk assessment and mitigation, market analysis, as well as legal and regulatory checks. Our advisors provide essential information to enable informed investment decisions, minimizing risks and ensuring alignment with the unique needs and challenges of the African market.

Independent Valuation

We offer independent valuation services using various methods to determine the fair market value of venture capital, private equity and strategic investments, only in healthcare.  With our team of legal and tax partners, we also provide opinions to ensure investment terms are reasonable, equitable, transparent and fair.

Investment Structuring & Financial Modelling

Focused on providing healthcare-specific advice, we help private equity and venture capital firms efficiently structure their investments, optimizing debt and equity components, evaluating mixed capital structures, and ensuring informed decisions through in-depth financial modeling & analysis. We also provide independent financial modeling and advice to startups and SMEs.

Impact Management and Measurement

Upon specific request, we provide impact management and measurement services in alignment with the UN SDGs and international standards such as GIIN, IRIS etc. for investment companies and healthcare organizations. We ensure full consideration of clients theory of change, impact framework and alignment to best practices (including theory of change, log frames etc.)

/Sell Side Support

We assist clients in identifying potential targets or buyers, negotiate terms, manage due diligence, and facilitate the structuring and execution of transactions. This ensures that the transactions are well-aligned with the goals of private equity and later stage venture capital firms while navigating the complexities of the African business landscape.

Francophone Africa

Africa is home to the largest French‑speaking population globally (300M) and there are 21 Francophone countries out of the continent’s 54, creating immense potential for trade and cross‑border investment. With our investment and operating experience across Francophone Africa, we can support healthcare startups to scale into those countries, notably into Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire,  Benin, Togo, DRC, Cameroon and Madagascar.

Advisory Team

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