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Jaza Rift Innovation Lab is a venture studio, startup studio or venture builder that creates from scratch startups by leveraging proven platform business models, tech innovation, and strategic partnerships. We create and invest in platform companies with a mission to unlock untapped healthcare and assistive technologies opportunities in Africa.

We enable founders to build and launch platform companies as well as act as a launching pad for global health and assistive technologies that create opportunities and shape Africa’s healthcare and accessibility future. Compared to traditional investment and startup creation approaches, venture studios give 44% better results when it comes to the success rate of startups built – 84% of startups coming out of studios make it to the seed round while 72% reach Series A funding. We are offering various solutions integrated with the rest of Jaza Rift. 

We’re in the process of setting up Biomedical, BioInformatics and Biotechnology Venture Studios in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and more. Reach out to us if you’re interested in funding or supporting !

Launchpad into Africa

We support startups (digital health, medtech, biotech, assistive tech etc.) and global corporations (lifesciences, bio & pharma) considering launching, testing and expanding innovations or inventions that would suit Africa’s need for affordable, quality and accessible healthcare solutions that are adapted to our resource constrained (energy, data) environment. 

For instance, if you’re from Kenya and want to launch in Ghana, we can provide you with a landing office, incorporation and regulatory support, access to network and financial management services to fast track your scaling. We welcome partnerships to expand the scope of solutions both locally and globally developed. 

We would provide a soft landing, working space and a network of potential partners across Africa.

Corporate VC
as a Service

As a Corporate VC as Service, Jaza Rift provides its expertise in digital health, medtech and biotech investments to any African or international entity that needs to find new innovations and develop new technologies targeting Africa. We will do all the heavy lifting on deal sourcing and analysis while you will take all of the investment decisions according to our agreed mandate.

We know that either you do not want to set up your own corporate venture capital (CVC) unit in house (which can be very challenging) or you are ready to hand over your current CVC activities to an external VC, for one or more of the following reasons: 1) you don’t want to build a big team (a small team is, however, still required); 2) you want to keep all your focus on collaborating and building business, rather than getting distracted by financial management and fiduciary duties in start-ups.; 3) you know that building up expertise takes time and is costly. Doing it with us is faster and cheaper; and 4) maintaining a dedicated team is difficult and therefore working with us also means tapping into our built-up networks across Africa. Reach out to us for information.

Disruptive Innovation
Clinical Research

We partner with all parties, including start-ups, academic institutions, business partners and local governments, while nurturing your employees’ innovative mindsets and capabilities for win-win results.

We can execute hackathons, ideation labs, human-centered design and lean innovation to bring internal ideas to market facing innovations.  We can support initiatives to encourage employees to submit and further develop their ideas for new products or business opportunities that will ultimately benefit you.

We leverage both your internal network of experts and our own to explore unique solutions for specific problems and allow innovators to expand their network and raise capital.

Innovation Lab Team

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