Apply for a Long-Term Strategic Partnership with Jaza Rift Ventures

Sector Focus: Digital Health, Medtech, Biotech / Techbio and Assistive Technologies.

Stage: Seed primarily (pre-Seed to Series B exceptionally).

Ticket Size: $50,000 to $2M initial investment.

Geographies: Pan-African, with primary markets in Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Senegal, DRC, Côte d’Ivoire, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

More on the application process below.

Why Partner with Jaza Rift Ventures

Sector Expertise: Benefit from our deep sector expertise in digital health, medtech, and biotech. Our knowledge is finely tuned to the unique realities of the healthcare industry across Africa’s diverse cultural, regulatory, and geographic landscape.

Strategic Investments: Jaza Rift Ventures is a dedicated Africa-focused healthcare investment platform, offering a conveyor belt of support from venture studio, incubation, and acceleration to later stage investments. We propel startups from pre-Seed to Series A, providing the necessary resources for sustainable growth.

Holistic Support Ecosystem: Beyond capital, we provide coaching, co-investor access, networking opportunities, and access to a global community of healthcare experts. Engage with our Strategic Healthcare Board (SHB), Founder Advisory Network (FAN), and Healthcare Collaborative Network (HCN).

Impact and Data-Driven Approach: Jaza Rift is committed to creating a lasting impact on healthcare outcomes. Our decisions are grounded in the use of data science and machine learning to prioritize innovations addressing real-world challenges.

Global Partnerships: Join a network of advisors, experts, and corporations passionate about pushing the frontiers of innovation in healthcare. Our global partnerships and collaborations create a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for healthcare innovations and inventions.

Application Process

Submit Your Proposal through our online form: Provide details about your startup, including the problem you’re solving, your team, and how your innovation aligns with our vision for better healthcare in Africa.

Introductory Meeting: Shortlisted startups will have the opportunity for a virtual or physical meeting, allowing us to delve deeper into your vision, product/service, business model and potential impact.

Due Diligence: Our team will conduct comprehensive due diligence, assessing the viability and alignment of your startup with our investment focus.

Investment Committee: all our investment go through a dedicated investment committee, advising on the technology, business model and thesis fit

Strategic Partnership: Successful applicants will enter into a long-term strategic partnership with Jaza Rift Ventures, gaining access to our resources, network, and expertise, in partnership with Villgro Africa.

Value creation: we aim to support you be creating value through talent, financial management, technical expertise, commercial partnerships and co-investors across our extensive network (SHB, FAN, HCN, Villgro Africa)

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