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Who We Are

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Better Healthcare for Africa

We envision a future where healthcare in Africa is a cornerstone of economic prosperity. Aligned to SDG3, our vision is anchored in the belief that through strategic investments, sector-focused value creation and sustainable impact, we can achieve a state where healthcare is affordable, accessible and of quality for all.


To Provide Better Healthcare Through Investment and Tailored Support

Jaza Rift is catalyzing positive change in healthcare in Africa through targeted investments, a network of advisors  and coaches and a comprehensive scaling methodology for digital health, medtech, and biotech innovations and inventions.

What We Do


Set up in partnership with Villgro Africa, Jaza Rift Ventures is a venture capital and asset management advisory company solely focused on healthcare in Africa. Our vision is to be a leading global healthcare investment platform.


Jaza Rift Advisory is a healthcare-focused strategy advisory, financial & business advisory and health innovation firm with experience in both Francophone and Anglophone Africa. Business advisory services play an essential role in economic growth and development.

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab is a pan-African global health innovation platform supporting disruptive digital health, medtech, biotech and assistive technologies companies, from idea to growth and scaling through hands-on engagement. We are strategic partners to Global Health Leaders.

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