Deep Sector Expertise

Jaza Rift is building a network of Investment Advisors (VC, PE, Impact etc. for General Advisory Board), Healthcare Advisors and Ecosystem Partners (Strategic Healthcare Board, Founder Advisory Network, Healthcare Collaborative Network) across the whole value chain. From Infrastructure to Medical Devices, ML/AI for health, Supply Chain, Telemedicine etc. Very specialized skills such as Oncology, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Palliative Care, Radiology etc. are also sought. Reach out if you want to support.

Strategic Healthcare Board (SHB)

We are onboarding , gender-balanced advisors with deep healthcare expertise (biotech, medtech, digial health etc.) as Advisors. From all walks of life and anywhere in the world, your experience and networks across one or several healthcare verticals are critical and are aligned to our mission to provide Better Healthcare.

Deep Sector Expertise

Founder Advisory Network (FAN)

We’re looking for Series B or later Founders and Operators carefully selected based on their experience in growing or mentoring a startup from pre-Seed to Series A and beyond with a genuine interest in Africa. Chosen from anywhere in the world, you must be fully aligned to our mission.

Healthcare Collaborative Network (HCN)

We are connected to Incubators, Accelerators, Venture Builders, Co-Investors, Follow-on Investors and Pharma/Life Sciences Corporates. This is thanks to our deep networks across Africa, Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. Healthcare Collaborative Network (HCN) members are fully aligned to our mission to provide Better Healthcare for Africa. Want to join?

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